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Emsworth Show 2018
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Volunteers Needed for 2018 show
Nobody gets paid for working at the Emsworth Show. It is run entirely by volunteers. So we obviously NEED YOUR HELP!   The     Show     Committee     start     planning     the     next Emsworth Show just days after the Show each year.   Every   year   150   plus   volunteers   run   the   Show   and   we need   more   volunteers   to   help,   especially   for   clearing up   at   the   end   of   the   Show   –   so   if   you   would   like   to help   please   see   the   attached   helper’s   form   and   let   us know if you can lend a hand.   We   need   a   great   deal   of   help   for   the   Show   and   appreciate   any   time   you   can   give   us.   Shifts   on Monday   are   normally   of   1½   hour   duration   but   can   be   adjusted   to   suit   helper’s   availability   (please complete   a   separate   form   for   each   person   –   extra   forms   are   available   online   or   from   The   Hut   on Sundays).   Refreshments   are   provided   and,   if   you   complete   two   or   more   shifts,   we   will   also   feed you lunch!!!   How about baking a cake? If   you   are   unable   to   help   on   the   day,   could   you   supply some   refreshments   for   the   volunteers?   Our   Catering Manager   is   looking   out   for   people   who   can   supply   a cake   or   two,   or   a   fresh   salad,   or   home-made   biscuits (or   anything   else   you   can   think   of)   with   which   she   can feed      the      hungry      volunteers.      Can      you      supply something? If so please CONTACT  her. Volunteers needed for:     Car Park duty     Entrance gates     Marquee stewards     Serving refreshments to volunteers     Setting up arenas     Packing up after the Show     Picking up litter Not all jobs are hard physical jobs. Many involve sitting down.   You    don't    need    to    be    there    all    day,    as    little    as    90    minutes    of    your    time    would    be appreciated. If   you   can   help   please   return   the   form   to:   Faith   Ponsonby,   78   Havant   Road,   Emsworth   PO10   7LH   or   hand   it in at the hut addressed to Faith Ponsonby, or you can click here to email Faith Download   Volunteer   Form   here    -   if   you   cannot   download   this   form,   email   Faith    and   ask   for one to be sent to you. Specific Roles to be filled As   well   as   lots   of   general   volunteers   on   the   day,   we   have   some   specific   roles   that   need   to   be   filled. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY, just some time and a little enthusiasm. Show Secretary We   are   OK   for   this   year   but   our   current   secretary   would   like   to   step   down   and   it   would   be   useful   for someone   to   "learn   the   ropes"   this   year   as   an   understudy.   Ideally   the   secretary   should   be   a   member   of   the Emsworth Horticultural Society.
Show Date 27th Aug  2018