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Emsworth Show 2018
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Stallholders Terms, Conditions and Fees
Show Date 27th Aug  2018 Fees Per Type of Stall Charity / Individual Trade Basic Stall Uncovered Space approximately 3.5m x 3.5m Tables and Chairs available by prior order - as priced below  £35 £55 Large Stall (limited availability) Uncovered space approximately 3.5m (Frontage) x 6.5m. The extra space at the rear can be used for display or to park a car/small van.   £45 £75 Catering Providers, Rides and Amusements Price on application – please discuss this with the Stalls Manager  Tables and Chairs (Available for stallholders only) Plastic folding table (6ft x 2.5ft)  Plastic rigid chair £10  £2.50 £10  £2.50         POA         POA Extra Helper Admission Wristband (Max 3 per Plot)  £5 £5 Access Only Car Permits (Maximum 2 per Booking)        Free        Free Access Only Car Permits (Maximum 2 per Booking)        Free        Free
1 . Insurance, Trading Standards Legislation and other Standards a . Public liability insurance for the stallholder is mandatory and must be evidenced. b . Stallholders   must   comply   with   all    relevant   Trading   Standards   legislation;   this   involves   safety,   fair trading and quality. c . The   Emsworth   Show   Committee   accepts   no    liability   for   any   damage   or   loss   incurred   by   the   stall holder. d . All food providers must  be registered with a local council and must be indicate this on application. 2 . Stalls a . Types of Stall. i . We particularly welcome horticultural produce and crafts.  i i . We do not accept jumble/old clothes and limit the number of bric-a-brac stalls. i i i . No   raffles    are   allowed   and   an   additional   charge   of   £25.00    will   be   made   to   stallholders operating other games of chance, which will be limited in number . i v . No   applications   from   political   parties   or   organisations   can   be   accepted,   nor   any   political   activity allowed on the Showground. b . Catering Providers, Rides and Amusements. i . Charges for these stalls are priced on application, please contact the Stalls Manager. i i . An   appropriate   Food   Hygiene   and/or   Safety   Certificate   is   required.      A   copy   must   be   sent   to   the Stalls Manager with your stall application form. i i i . Approval is required from the Stalls Manager before bringing tables/chairs for public seating. i v . Approval from the Stalls Manager is required before bringing a Generator. 3 .  Applications a . Click   here   to   view   and   print   the   Stalls   Request   form    or   the   Forms   are   available   from   the   Stalls Manager: . b . Stalls are allocated on a ‘first come first serve basis’ c . Closing date for applications is 30 th  June 2018 . 4 .   Cancellations a . If   a   stallholder   withdraws   from   the   Show   or   cancels   their   reserved   space   for   any   reason   without   notice , any fees paid to the Show Committee will be forfeit.  b . Where   a   stallholder   gives   a   minimum   of   10   working   days'   notice   to   withdraw,   and   if   the   Show Committee can re-let the space, 50% of any monies paid will be reimbursed . c . The   Show   Committee   reserves   the   right   to   reject   an   application   for   stall   space   or   to   cancel   the stallholder’s right to stall space at any time. In these cases the Committee’s decision will be final. 5 . Payment a . Payment   must   be   received   either   with   the   application   form   or   within   10   working   days   of   the   Stalls Manager receiving the completed form.   b . Please   make   cheques    out   to   EMSWORTH   HORTICULTURAL   SOCIETY    with   your   name,   as   on   your application form , on the back.  The Society charges £20 for any declined cheques. c . If   paying   by   bank   transfer,    please   quote   your    name    as   on   your   application   form .      The   Show   banks at Nat West, Sort Code: 52-41-20.  The account number is available from the Stalls Manager.   6 . Stall requirements a . There   is   NO   electricity   available   on   site .      If   access   to   electricity   is   essential,   the   Show   Committee will assist if possible but may make an extra charge.  b . Access to water is limited and only available by prior arrangement. c . Plots are uncovered but the stallholder may erect a gazebo of a suitable size. d . Stalls   are   not   supplied   with   tables   and   chairs   unless   this   has   been   indicated   on   the   application   form and they have been paid for in advance of the show e . On teardown, all rubbish from stalls must be removed to the skips provided at the site. 7 . Vehicle Parking/Access a . All  vehicles accessing the ground or car park must display an access, showground or parking permit. b . No  parking on the showground without a showground permit (available from the Stalls Manager) c . Each plot includes one parking permit. d . All vehicles without a Showground permit must  be leave the showground by 10am e . Vehicles will be able to access the show ground again at 5.15pm. f . Vehicles   are   parked   entirely   at   owners’   risk.      The   Society   excepts   no   liability   for   loss   or   damage   to   any vehicle. 8 . Stallholder and helper admission a . By prior arrangement with the Stall Manager, stalls can be set up over the weekend b . On show day the ground opens to stallholders at 7.30am and to the public at 10.30am. c . The   plot   includes   up   to   two   entry   wristbands,   if   the   required   quantity   is   not   indicated   on   the   form   only one entry band will be allocated.  d . Additional   entry   wristbands   can   be   ordered   in   advance   at   £5.00   each   (see   application   form).            All volunteers   who   help   the   wider   Show   during   preparation   or   on   the   show   day   for   at   least   1½   hours   will be   given   a   free   entry   wristband.   All   volunteers   must   complete   a   Manpower   Form   which   is   available   on the Show website. e . It   is   the   responsibility   of   the   stallholder   to   ensure   that   they   and   their   helpers   are   wearing   their wristbands ON ENTRY or they will be charged again .



Updated: 29th June 2018