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Emsworth Show 2018
Show Sponsors 2017
The Emsworth Show would not be possible without the support and sponsorship of many local businesses. This year we have friends old and new. Here is the latest list of sponsors. It is never too late to support or sponsor any part of the Emsworth Show. We are extremely grateful to all those who sponsor the competitions and support the Emsworth Show.  
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Show Date 27th Aug  2018
Plus   a   few   others   that   we   may   have   missed,   who   don't   want   to   be   listed   or   who donated   too   late   for   inclusion   on   the   list.   Whoever   you   are   we   thank   you   for   your generous support
Horticultural Competition Sponsors
We would also like to thank
Tiers Greengrocers  for the use of their field for Stall Holders parking
Show Ground Sponsors
Thank you to the sponsors below for providing prizes for the marquee events
Thank you to the sponsors below for providing services, equipment, discounts and help with setting up the show ground
Last Updated: 14th August 2017
Ryan   Berwick   of    Phoenix   Rising   Removals    for   the use   of   their   tail-lift   van   for   moving   show   kit   during   the weekend of the show.
Phoenix    Rising    Removals    is    an    Emsworth based,     family     run,     removals     and     storage company   which   also   provides   a   packing   and unpacking service
Tiers   Greengrocers   -   offering   fresh   local   produce   and   local delivery every Thursday and Friday