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Emsworth Show 2018
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Show Date 27th Aug  2018
Gardening Competition 2018
Updated 16th July2018
With    the    improving    weather    and    signs    of    new    growth    comes    anticipation    and enthusiasm for our gardens and allotments. You   are   all   invited   to   enter   our   annual   competition,   to   be   held   during   July,   with   prizes awarded   at   the   Emsworth   Show.      There   is   only   a   nominal   fee   to   enter   and   more   details including   judging   criteria   and   entry   forms   are   available   on   the   EHS   website   and   at   the hut.      Entry   forms   will   also   be   available   at   the   evening   talks   and   the   open   garden mornings. The   summer   garden   competition   has   two   categories   –   small   and   large,   and   you   can enter    your    front    or    rear    garden.        The    hanging    basket    competition    has    separate categories     for     large     baskets,     small baskets and containers. 1 . Allotments   –   judging   will   take   place the   week   beginning   2 nd    July.      The closing date for entries is 29 th  June. 2 . Hanging    baskets    and    containers    judging   will   be   the   week   beginning 16 th     July.        The    closing    date    is    6 th   July. 3 . Summer   gardens   –   judging   will   also take   place   the   week   beginning   16 th   July.  The closing date is 6 th  July. I   have   just   taken   over   the   role   of   organising   and   running   these   competitions.      Although   I will   no   longer   be   entering,   I   would   strongly   encourage   you   to.      Any   friends,   family   or neighbours can also enter as it is not necessary to be a member of the Society. I look forward to receiving your entries for what I hope will be a well-supported event. Do     contact     me     via     if     you     have     any     questions     or   require   an   entry   form. Karen Beale
EHS Summer Garden, Hanging Basket and Allotment Competition 2018
Robson’s Opticians - Allotment competition
Sycamore Tyres & Southern Tyres - Basket Competition  
Hazle & co, Estate Agents - Garden competition
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