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Emsworth Show 2018
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Show Schedule 2018
Please read the Rules and Conditions of Entry carefully as any deviation from the rules of entry can lead to disqualification. 
You can flip through the pages of this virtual Schedule and download and print individual pages or all of the Schedule as you wish.
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The   FREE   Show   Schedules   has   been   sent   to   all previous   competitors   and   will   be   available   from The    Hut.    Copies    of    the    whole    Schedule    or individual   classes   can   be   downloaded   from   this site in PDF format.                                                                    This   is   your   opportunity   to   enter   over   240   classes of   flower,   fruit,   vegetable,   handicrafts,   cookery   and photography.   There   are   45   classes   specifically   for children   and   young   people   between   the   age   of   4 years and 13 years
Rules & Conditions of Entry Rules & Conditions of Entry
This   "home   page"   for   the   Schedule   includes   all the    information    you    will    need    regarding    the scoring   and   the   Rules   &   Regulations   of   all   the competitions.    Please    read    these    carefully    as any   deviation   from   the   rules   of   entry   can   lead to disqualification.  
Show Date 27th Aug  2018
There   are   32   pages   in   this   schedule.   Please   take care when printing the whole document.
Click Here Click Here to View and Print the Show Entry Form in PDF Click Here Click Here to View and Print the Entry Form in PDF  for the Photography sections 13 / 14
Registration from 11.30 to 13.45 Dog Show starts at 14.00
Details of classes are on the show schedule available on the show website
Updated 16th July 2018
Horticultural Competition Sponsors
Blue Bell Inn       1 Springfield Care Homes       1 & 11C Soles       Top Tray Emsworth Home Hardware       2 Downland Veterinary Group       2 Coal Exchange       3 Goff & Company, Chartered Accountants       3 Co-op, Emsworth       Rosettes Henry Adams, Estate Agents       4 W.Wraight & Son, Funeral Directors       5 Lilywhite Bros Ltd       6 Roger Treagust Ltd       7 Bookends       8 Emsworth Garage Doors               8 N.E.B Waterscapes       8 Addison Law, Solicitors       9 Martin Steels, Optometrist       10A Emsworth Cycles       Rosettes Chichester Caravans       10B Emsworth Business Association       11A & 11B AVS Fencing Supplies, Havant       11C Robson’s Opticians       12 AV Ltd, Architects       13 Emsworth Dental Surgery       14
Thank you to the sponsors below for providing prizes for the marquee events