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Emsworth Show 2018
EMSWORTH    is    located    on    the    A259 between    Portsmouth    and    Chichester. The   Show   will   be   well   signposted   from the      A259      and      the      B2148      from Rowlands Castle.   Travelling   down   the A3   from   the   North, take   the   EMSWORTH   exit   just   as   the A3   turns   into   the   A3(M)   and   follow   the B2149   and   then   B2148   to   Emsworth. The show ground is on the B2148.   Travelling   east   from   PORTSMOUTH   or west      from      Chichester,      take      the EMSWORTH   exit   off   the   A27   on   to   the A259   and   follow   the   signs   to   the   show ground.   THERE    IS    NO    ONSITE    PARKING     - There   is   a   FREE   Park   and   Ride   service from       the       NEW       LIFE       CHURCH, THORNEY    ROAD.    This    will    be    well signposted.    DO    NOT    ATTEMPT    TO PARK   AT    THE    SHOW    GROUND.     The buses      are      suitable      for      disabled passengers   and   have   wheel   chair   and push chair access.  
Although   we   may   issue   car   park   passes   to   certain participants,   this   is   not   a   guarantee   of   an   available space.   Spaces   are   allocated   to   everyone   on   a   first- come-first-served basis.   Bike   racks   are   available   in   St   James'   School,   but   are   used   entirely   at your   own   risk.   Bikes   can   also   be   padlocked   to   outer   fencing   of   the tennis   courts      situated   in   the   South   Entrance.   THEY   MUST   NOT   BE padlocked to any temporary fencing on any part of the showground. Neither   the   Organising   Committee   nor   St   James'   School   will   be   liable for   any   damage   or   loss   to   bikes   left   in   the   racks   /   show   ground   / attached to any fence / padlocked to the Tennis Courts fencing.
Emsworth, Hampshire Located   the   south   east   corner   of   Hampshire   on   the   shore   of   Chichester   Harbour,   Emsworth   is   a   quiet   and attractive town where residents wouldn't live anywhere else and visitors can be sure of a friendly welcome.   Emsworth   is   popular   with   sailors,   artists,   naturalists   and   walkers.   The   two   tidal   millponds   to   east   and   west   are host to a variety of wildlife. Emsworth   has   a   long   history   connected   with   oyster   fishing   and   boat   building.   It’s   attractive   streets   are   lined with a mixture of architectural styles and high walled gardens.   A   walk   around   the   town   and   the   harbour   side   gives   a   genuine   feel   for   the   past,   with   exceptional   views, numerous excellent pubs, cafés and restaurants and a great range of individual shops.   For more information go to Emsworth Online    
Directions to the Show Ground
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Show Date 27th Aug  2018 Park & Ride At  New Life Church Thorney Road PO10 8BL