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Emsworth Show 2018
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Data Protection Act 2018
EHS Privacy Policy
Your personal data: What we will collect Emsworth   Horticultural   Society   (EHS)   will   only   collect   personal   data   about   you,   such   as   name   and contact details, that are necessary for the purposes described below. What will we do with your personal data We   will   only   process   your   personal   data   in   order   to   provide   you   with   details   of   our   events,   such   as talks, trips and open garden mornings via our newsletter and by email Your personal data will only be processed by the membership secretary.  Your   email   address   and   contact   details   are   held   on   a   computer   using   Norton   Symantec   antivirus and antiphishing protection, which is scanned and updated on a regular basis. In   addition,   all   emails   are   sent   using   the   mail   Blind   Carbon   Copy   (BCC)   setting,   so   no   other member   will   see   your   email   address.      Your   personal   data   will   never   be   passed   to   a   third   party without your express permission in writing. If   you   receive   a   Newsletter   by   post,   only   your   name   and   address   is   visible   to   the   Newsletter distributor. How long we will keep your personal data When   you   notify   the   membership   secretary   that   you   no   longer   wish   to   belong   to   the   EHS,   your personal data will be securely deleted. What are your rights? You can resign your membership at any time by contacting the membership secretary. If   at   any   point   you   believe   the   information   we   have   collected   is   incorrect   you   can   request   to   see this information and have it corrected or deleted. If   you   wish   to   raise   a   complaint   on   how   we   have   handled   your   personal   data,   you   should   contact the       Chair       of       the       EHS,       whose       details       can       be       found       on       the       website   If   you   are   not   satisfied   with   our   response   or   believe   we   are   not   processing   your   personal   data   in accordance     with     the     data     protection     legislation     you     can     complain     to     the     Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) at  
28th June 2018
Show Date 27th Aug  2018