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Emsworth Show 2018
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Show Date 27th Aug  2018
The Emsworth Show is held on a recreation ground, usually used for football and other similar sports. Therefore the ground may be uneven in places and visitors in wheel chairs and "buggies" may have some difficulty accessing all parts of the showground.   The "South" entrance (from Tennis Court Car Park) is equipped with a wheelchair ramp to overcome the car park curb.   Wherever reasonably possible, show ground staff will endeavour to help if they can.  
  FIRST-AID FACILITIES Members of St John's Ambulance are on site.  
THE EMSWORTH HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY This   Society,   founded   in   1919,   is   run   by   and   for   the   benefit   of   its   members.   Although   an   Emsworth Society we welcome members from other areas.   Membership    is    £7    per    household    per    year    available    at    the    Distribution    Store,    Washington    Road Allotment   Site   (10   am   to   12   noon   Sunday   mornings),   at   any   of   our   widely   advertised   talks,   in   the Information Tent at the Show or visit our website. Membership includes free entry to our popular talks.   The   Society   could   not   be   successful   without   the   involvement   of   so   many   of   its   members.   Members organise   and   help   with   the   Distribution   Store   and   many   other   tasks,   which   keep   the   Society   running smoothly.   Nearly   200   volunteers   do   so   much   to   help   make   the   EMSWORTH   SHOW   the   success   it   has   become and their efforts are much appreciated. Your help in this and other jobs would be most welcome.   Any   Surplus   remaining   from   the   Show   income   after   payment   of   expenses   is   distributed   to   local   good causes.
TOILET FACILITIES Temporary disabled toilets will be available on site. They will not require key to access them. There are also permanent toilet facilities for the disabled available on the site. These are managed by Havant District Council and a key for these is available from the Information Tent.
SEATING AREAS The Emsworth Show has seating areas around the arenas. Some stall holders, especially those supplying refreshments, also have seating areas. If it is essential that you find somewhere to sit during the day we suggest you bring a suitable portable seat with you as we cannot guarantee seating to be available.  
Access and Advice for the Disabled
PARKING There are adequate parking facilities for disabled badge holders at the official Park and Ride site at New Life Church, Thorney Road and all buses have easy access for wheel-chairs and alike.   There are some spaces available on the Showground for those disabled who don’t use wheelchairs, but cannot walk far or have to use walking aids. We request that anyone needing parking on site, due to the need for direct access to their vehicle, contact Caroline by email: Please include your reason for this request including your postal address and we will happily provide you a parking bay on a first come first serve basis. Please Note:Your request must arrive one week before the event.