Message from the Chair
Emsworth Show 2017 The   sun   shone   and   there   was   a   light   breeze   –   a   perfect   day   for   the   Show.      The   months   of preparation   and   planning   by   the   committee   paid   off   and   a   marvellous   show   was   enjoyed by thousands of visitors.  In   the   marquee   the   exhibits   were   of   a   high   standard   and   there   were   over   200   more   entries this year than last.  There were more entrants as well, many exhibiting for the first time. In   the   main   arena   there   was   a   succession   of   entertaining   events   including   the   quack   pack and falconry, and in the small arena the dog show was as popular as ever.  In   the   field   the   stalls   were   of   a   consistently   good   standard   and   there   was   a   wide   variety   of them.  Food and drink stalls were similarly various – something for everyone.  I   hope   all   who   came   enjoyed   themselves,   and   I   would   like   to   thank   the   hard   working committee   members   who   made   it   all   possible,   not   forgetting   the   numerous   volunteers   who supported them. Lyn Davies (Emsworth Horticultural Society Chair)
Once   again,   the   weather   favoured   us   on   August   28 th    with   about   5500   adult   wristbands   being   issued at   the   gates   and   in   advance   to   volunteers,   entertainers,   stallholders   etc,   which   was   not   quite   as many   as   in   the   past.         The   people   on   the   gates   reported   no   complaints   about   the   price   rise,   which was offset for some families by the raising of the age at which children are admitted free to 16.   The   number   of   entries   and   entrants   was   up   this   year,   again   not   a   record   (held   by   both   at   the   2014 Show).         The   exhibits   in   the   marquee   were   excellent,   despite   the   attempt   by   birds   to   spoil   it   on Sunday   night.      We   are   indebted   to   all   the   volunteers   who   prepared   the   Marquee,   helped   the   judges, and   cleared   up   at   the   end,   especially   Jan   Butler   and   Rob   Turner.      We   will   need   more   help   here   next year, as Rob is standing down as Marquee Manager, and Jan really wants to hand over her role.  We   had   more   stalls   than   ever,   and   the   arena   events   and   other   entertainments   provided   lots   of   fun   for our   visitors.      But   this   could   not   happen   without   the   huge   amount   of   work   done   in   the   months   before the   Show,   in   particular   by   Show   Secretary,   Jan,   the   Grounds   Manager,   Helena   Bacon   and   the   Stalls Manager,   Stephanie   Kramer,   using   up   not   only   spare   time,   but   holiday   entitlement   from   work.      Many others   work   tirelessly   over   the   weekend   to   create   a   wonderful   atmosphere   and   encourage   people   to spend   more   time   in   their   gardens   and   allotments.      We   will   be   looking   for   fresh   faces   next   year,   in particular    volunteers    to    be    the    computer    whizz    entering    the    prizewinners,    run    the    Gardens competition,   organise   the   Photography   Section   and   run   the   Prize   Draw   (which   was   not   held   this   year for   lack   of   an   organising   team).         It   is   good   that   both   Helena   and   Stephanie,   as   well   as   Isobel   Stuart- Gordon,   (whose   team   produced   wonderful   food   all   day   for   the   volunteers,   from   bacon   butties, delicious   doughnuts,   a   super   lunch   to   a   goodie   bag   which   kept   the   breakdown   team   going   till   after dark), and our superb Treasurer, Pam Phillips, will be carrying on for 2018.   For   the   first   time   ever,   we   had   sufficient   volunteers   in   place   for   all   areas   of   the   Show   10   days beforehand,   and   even   had   reserves   in   place   in   case   of   last-minute   illness.      Many   thanks   to   them   all, from   our   oldest   volunteer,   Jean   Robertson,   94,   who   spent   most   of   the   day   helping   on   the   Society Plant   stall,   to   the   contribution   of   4   members   of   the   Mant   family,   Audrey,   with   two   of   her   sons,   James and   Neil,   and   Neil's   wife,   Cath.      Congratulations,   too,   to   Sandra   Saunders,   who   has   helped   organise the   volunteers'   refreshments,   and   Shiraz   Jamal,   our   website   manager,   who   were   married   at   the   end of last month.  Our team of helpers feels like one big family!    A   number   of   people   who   returned   the   slip   in   the   programme   for   the   dinner   at   Fat   Olives   indicated they   were   interested   in   being   involved   with   the   Show   next   year.         We   will   be   holding   an   information evening   on   November   23 rd ,   to   tell   them   how   they   can   help,   especially   with   the   advance   planning   and organisation.      On   the   same   evening   we   will   be   displaying   some   outline   options   for   the   Show,   so   that the   Show   and   Society   Committees   can   gauge   the   views   of   members   and   the   public   when   making decisions for August 27 th  next year.  Many   thanks   to   all   members   who   volunteered   and   exhibited   –   without   you,   the   best   little   Show   on   the South coast could not happen.
Emsworth Show Report from Faith Ponsonby, Show Chair-elect
Show Date 27th Aug  2018
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