Until the Emsworth Show 2015 !

You have just missed a first rate Horticultural Show for Emsworth and a great day out for all the family

Message from our Chairman
The Emsworth Show is always a "great little show" but we can all say with some certainty that we have witnessed one of the most memorable shows in recent years! Who would have though it could be so dry and sunny for weeks and then rain in essence for the complete duration of the show day build up and break down. As we drove away from Hollybank store this evening blue sky was breaking through in the direction of the showground!!! I told you it was only a shower!
It can be challenging at times working with you lot; but today I have seen true spirit. A sense of purpose and determination to get the job done no matter how the odds may appear to be stacked against us. And "by Jove" that team overcame many obstacles. I sensed the overwhelming emotion was "what a shame".
The horticultural marquee by default suddenly had a surge of "Joie de vivre" when the two bands started to play. It lifted the mood and the weather became irrelevant.
Thank you to every single one of you for the efforts who displayed today and in the months leading up to it. If the weather had played along I'm sure it would have been a memorable show for the right reasons.
Naturally its too early to gauge attendance numbers or the financial performance; suffice to say we will undoubtedly not have produced a surplus! Its for exactly this reason that we keep a "rainy day fund", and Monday 25th August 2014 certainly qualifies for that title.
Well done, its been an honour to work alongside you all.
Best wishes, Colin Falla
Chairman, Emsworth Show

What a great Show that was!
Very wet! But very good! We might not have had the attendance of previous years and arena events got cancelled, because of the rain, but just the same a great Show. The Emsworth Show is, principally a Horticultural Show organised by the Emsworth Horticultural Society and that part went perfectly thanks to excellent organisation.

Now begins the planing for next year, Monday 31st August.

Message from the Manpower Manager
And a big 'thank you' to you, Colin, and all the team - I was so proud of every single helper who came out, braved the weather, and had smiles on their faces almost the whole day. We had a number of new helpers, and I don't think I have had so many messages on my phone, or people ringing me since, sending congratulations and saying what a great atmosphere it was.
So many things went smoothly, despite all the weather could throw at us; and all the various hiccups on the way, and today with the computer prize money, can be ironed out before August 31st 2015. Like 1986, 2014 will be remembered for years to come!
Well done to one and all!
Faith Ponsonby
Message from Councillor Brendan Gibb-Gray
Congratulations to you Colin and the teams of managers and helpers who worked so hard to ensure that “that the show went on”. Speaking as a local councillor I can express the gratitude of all Emworthians for the undying commitment of all associated with the show to do their best in the most trying of circumstances yesterday. Well done one and all.
Kind regards,

This Society (who organise the Emsworth Show) founded in 1919, is run by and for the benefit of its members. Although an Emsworth Society we welcome members from other areas. Membership is £5; per household per year available at the Distribution Store, Washington Road Allotment Site (10 am to 12 noon Sunday mornings), at any of our widely advertised talks, in the Information Tent at the Show or visit our website. Membership includes free entry to our popular talks. The Society could not be successful without the involvement of so many of its members. Members organise and help with the Distribution Store and many other tasks, which keep the Society running smoothly.

Emsworth Show


Nearly 200 volunteers do so much to help make the EMSWORTH SHOW the success it has become and their efforts are much appreciated.
Your help in this and other jobs would be most welcome.
How about coming on the organising committee? If not please make some time to help us at the Show next year. And you be helping the community because any Surplus remaining from the Show income after payment of expenses is distributed to local good causes.


We have some cars key handed in (so someone walked home).
We also have two pairs of spectacles.
CLICK HERE to claim them giving a description, you name and phone number.

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