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T here   has   been   a   Horticultural   Society   in   Emsworth   for   98   years   and   for   many   of   those   years   there   has been   a   show   for   exhibiting   the   best   of   produce   grown   in   our   area.      The   core   of   the   Show   is   the   Exhibition Marquee   and   there   are   all   kinds   of   entrants,   on   the   one   hand   the   very   skilled   competitive   growers   and   on the   other   someone   who   had   grown   a   few   beans,   tomatoes   or   lovely   flowers   and   they   enter   and   often   win. The Show Marquee is a major attraction and is one of the few surviving in Hampshire Horticultural Shows. In   the   past   few   years   the   weather   has   affected   Show   Day,   as   well   as   the   growing   season   and   perhaps   this year   following   the   glorious   summer   days   of   June   and   July   the   crops   will   be   good   and   lead   to   good horticultural display and that the weather will be kind for 2017!!   PLEASE   take   part   by   entering   the   Show   in   2017   because   your   support   will   help   to   secure   the   future   use   of the Marquee.   You will create a wonderful show of vegetables, flowers, crafts, photographs, cookery Everyone can enter something, from the garden, kitchen, camera and craft!! With   your   help   you   will   give   a   chance   to   young   people   you   know   to   grow,   create,   make   and   win rosettes and perhaps a cup The MEN can have a go at making cakes and flower arranging - there are special classes for them! There really is something for everyone to show their talents from Novice to Expert!   SO HAVE A GO, ENTER THE SHOW MAKE THIS A YEAR TO REMEMBER Other silly ideas!! Memories can come with a Marvellous Marrow Vegetable animals    Marrow Monster,  Courgette Cat, Carrot Creativity Gorgeous Gladioli,  Bean Bonanza, Luscious Leeks, Passion for Potatoes Adorable Apples,  Passionate Pears Fantastic Photography Beans galore – see poem in Schedule (you could publish this with Photography Classes) as a reminder
The Annual Emsworth Show will be held on August Bank Holiday Monday 28th 2017  From 10:30 to 17:00 Recreation Ground Horndean Road Emsworth Hants PO10 7PT  Admission £5 Accompanied children under 16 Free No public parking available on site Car Park is located at New Life Christian Church  via Thorney Road Emsworth  PO10 8BN & Free Park Ride Show Date 28th Aug  2017
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